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WED.  WK 4 St Philip Neri – May 26th

 Leader: Come, let us turn again to the living God, the God whose love               both comforts & refines us. All:      Our world is hurt & you will come with healing balm.           Our world is sad & you share that sadness.           We have come to pray & you will hear us.   We…


Leader: Send out your Holy Spirit & renew the face of the earth. Silence for a few moments.   Leader: Come Holy Spirit   All:  Come among us. Leader: Come Holy Spirit   All:  Come as the wind to move us. Leader: Come Holy Spirit   All:  Come as the fire to prove us. Leader:…


Dear All, Here we are at the end of Eastertide – for some it will have passed quickly & for others, very slowly.  I find by about the 5th or 6th week I have lost my Easter energy – energy that should last till Pentecost!  Looking through resources related to the Spirit, I found a…


Leader: We pray that in this holiest of weeks, we may come to              a new understanding of the events we call to mind each              day.  We ask that this will lead us to live our lives more              in the pattern of that of Jesus. Let us pray in the              name of…

Palm Sunday

Leader: We tell your story.  We follow in your footsteps. All:     Lead us into Holy Week. Leader: We walk with you towards the city.  We wait in the garden. All:     Lead us onto Holy Ground. Leader: We journey with you towards death.  We hope for resurrection. All:     Lead us into Holy Joy.   Please join in…

Saturday Reflection

Dear All, Here we are on the brink of Holy Week & tomorrow is Palm Sunday. We have included something Cardinal Hume wrote about Palm Sunday leading into Holy Week.  We also have a sonnet for Palm Sunday by  Malcolm Guite. It has often struck me as significant that in our Dutch-speaking communities in Belgium,…