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General Chapter XI 2017

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In March 1975 a decree forming the Association of Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre brought together Communities of Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre from different parts of the world under common Constitutions. The Association now consists of 8 autonomous Priories in Africa and Europe.

In addition to its juridical functions and shared Constitutions, the Association exists to stimulate a shared life and reflection from within the spirituality and common aims of the Priories. There are meetings and exchanges between Priories across the continents, with formal and informal visits being quite regular.

An international Prioresses’ Conference takes place every ten months and an international General Chapter every six years. The reflective days of the General Chapter are open to every Sister of the Association and to associated Lay People.

You can read more about the Association on the website www.crss-worldwide.tk

General Chapter XI

The theme of our most recent General Chapter in July 2017 was Finding hope in fragile places.  Two prominent theologians gave their own reflections on the theme and opened the subject for further discussion.  The texts are shared below.

General Chapter XI texts –

A Biblical Reflection
by Dr Lea Verstricht

Dr Lea Verstricht presented a biblical reflection on our General Chapter XI theme – ‘Finding Hope in Fragile Places’.

Lea Verstricht, is a Doctor of Theology (Louvain, Belgium) and has worked with the Community and the Association since 2011.  She has acted as facilitator at two General Chapters X (2011) and XI (2017) and delivered several talks to us here in the UK.  As a theologian, her perspective has helped deepen our reflections on the theme of hope.

Choosing two stories, from Old and New Testament, Lea explores how the Bible teaches us that life is vulnerable from beginning to end and that there are always opportunities for life.




by Professor Tina Beattie

Tina Beattie is a leading feminist theologian, writer and Professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Roehampton in London. Tina’s overview of her presentation to the Association was as follows:

“In reflecting on what I might share with you on the meaning of hope, I want to offer five perspectives – hope as the story we tell about ourselves, hope as a maternal vocation, hope as ‘herstory’ – the history of women, hope as re-creation of the world, and hope as discernment and patience.”  To read more see the attachment below:


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