Living Church

The vision of Church which we live and seek to proclaim is a church not confined to the building or to a formal membership. It is where we connect with those around us in a mutually life giving way, in seemingly ordinary actions of responding to the daily needs present in our neigbourhoods. Where the value and dignity of each one is recognised and celebrated, where ideas, dreams and visions can be shared with each other without fear or judgement. Where there is an equality of discipleship – though those exact words may never be spoken among those whom we have chosen to live and with whom we proclaim the Living Church.

As Canonesses we are called to be church in the model of the Early Christians, finding inspiration in the vision of St Augustine and the model of the Church as communion as presented to the Second Vatican Council.

This is an open model of Church where participation and co-responsibility are encouraged, where the spirit of engagement with the questions of our time is tangible, where prayer daily reminds us of the words of the risen Lord, ” Don’t be afraid – I am with you”.