Meeting the Needs of our Neighbours

In a time of hardness, to bring a message of love and mercy

As the human beings that we are, we try to be present to those among whom we live and by this natural relating to each other, meeting face-to-face, we begin to make contacts, to hear stories and build up a picture of the local needs.  Living alongside people is the first place of learning the local culture, and the needs of the neighbourhood.  We have chosen to live in situations where we are well placed to discover the needs of our neighbours, the needs of the local community.  We search for ways of meeting some of those needs.  Wherever we are living we try to create a community of love.

We hope that our priority of building Community flows out from us and draws in those around us in varied and different ways.

There are a number of activities in which the Community take a lead:

The Toddler Group – there is such a need to have places for parents and carers to bring their toddlers.  We provide a safe place where toddlers and their parents/grand parents/carers can meet and have fun.


The Homework Club (in Melbourne) brings together an energetic, committed and valiant band of helpers from 16 – 60 (Sixth form age to older people) to give individual attention to the younger children with homework, reading and games to finish off the day.  This group have a sensational annual outing to the Panto! In the mid-summer time a wider group of children look forward to the Fun Week, full of activities, morning and afternoon, for the different age groups, ably assisted by a band of youth helpers called the “Yellow Shirts” and adult leaders.

In Colchester the Community, volunteers and local community support groups lead the Summer Fun and Make Lunch projects on the Greenstead estate, providing much appreciated entertainment and nutritious lunch during the summer holidays.


For Older People, who really enjoy this highpoint of weekly meeting, whether it is the ‘Wisdom’ group in Melbourne, Chelmsford, the ‘Coffee, Cake and Company’ group in Greenstead, Colchester, or in East London one of the community support groups for those with very special needs living in the area.

The Healthy Living Agenda – has been widely promoted and after listening to the needs in our areas we have made a response in a variety of ways.  For younger children in Melbourne “the Cookies” groups during half terms are an opportunity to have relevant cookery classes from experts.  For parents, there is the opportunity to work weekly with volunteer cooks to gain confidence and skills for providing healthily for the family.  In Colchester there are cookery sessions at the Night Shelter for those who soon will live independently.

The Melbourne Project was established in 2003 by S. Margaret and S. Moira, Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre.  It is a charitable organisation based on a housing estate in Chelmsford, which provides help and support within various areas of the community. 

In the past few years the sisters formed a team of local volunteers and members of the local scout group, spearheading fundraising efforts to replace the old hut and build a new community facility Langton Hall in Melbourne.  It was opened by the Mayor of Chelmsford in September 2019.

Creating a community of love, filled with hope