Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

As Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre, over the centuries, we have tried to live faithfully the hope and joy of the Resurrection message proclaimed by the women who witnessed the empty tomb of Jesus. We have done this through building community, being people of prayer and serving others.

We have prepared our website as a gift; an expression of the charism and spirituality at the heart of our Community.

Having been put together by the whole Community and drawing upon inspiration from various sources, past and present, it reflects our collective ‘voice’ and carries the voices of all those members living and dead who have lived our charism.

The materials can be used as a resource for others, for our Companions, school, other Priories in the Association and anyone else who is inspired by our charism; as a source of spiritual nourishment, inspiration and growth into the future.

As Women Religious… we want to claim our liminal place within the Church. We want to grow in sincere solidarity by sharing our available resources, joining existing initiatives, denouncing oppression, taking a stand in public and communicating this to those who can change structures. Made in the image of God we feel called to re-create the world as ‘holy ground’, weaving threads of solidarity in order to give the world a new face, partners with God in this work of re-creation.