2020 – Our World Reimagined

Reflecting on the impact of the pandemic, what will our post-Covid world look like?

What questions does it pose for us as individuals and as a global community?

What has my lockdown experience been like?

How have we been coping as individuals and communities?

How am I feeling about the future? How has the pandemic changed my outlook?

How has it affected my relationship with God and the Creation?

What will be the effects on social interaction?  On the education and future of children?  On what our cities and workplaces will look like?

We may have ideas about what needs to change with regard to health; climate; identity/equality; education; the Church; commitment to the common good… but how do we make it happen?

Over the course of the next year we will be sharing material – articles, radio and video clips, prayers and reflections which we hope you will find helpful.

Creating a community of love, filled with hope