Creating Community

In a world of individualism, we try to be a sign of true community

We are a community of individuals living inter-dependently, striving to create community in the various places in which we have chosen to live.  We desire to influence for change in small and also more important ways.  Our presence as a Community in an area is the most significant way to achieve this community-building as we genuinely try to live a real Community life.

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Our following of the rule of Saint Augustine emphasises our tradition of hospitality.  As women following this Rule we have special care for our own Community members and at the same time welcoming others into our home to share our activities and prayer together.

Scripture invites us to welcome the Stranger in the many people who are looking for a sense of belonging, who need a sense of community.  In order to be able to respond to these needs, we must have a clear insight and a feeling for the culture we all inhabit and to be ready for whatever the future holds.  Our Prayer life allows us to deepen this understanding and to encourage others to work with us to give life and hope to those who look to us for help and guidance.  The mutual support of Community life strengthens our ability to be the Leaven Christ asked of all Christians.

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Whatever work the Community is involved in and the prayer which goes with it, presupposes a group of people in which a climate of joy, love and openness reigns and in which we feel at home.

Creating a community of love, filled with hope