The Theme

Following on from 2020 – Our World Reimagined post-COVID, we have chosen in 2021-22 the theme of ‘community’.  Throughout the year we will explore a theology of community and what this might reveal about the relationship between the individual and community; reflect on faith communities past and present through their stories and have a glimpse at new and emerging stories; we will look at global and local communities through crisis to a better future.  We will then focus on some of the issues and challenges in community and how we can work towards true inclusivity and sharing.

We will be guided and challenged at the start of this journey by way of a series of talks as outlined below.

The Outline

  • What is community: can we be clear?
  • Understanding faith-based communities through their stories
  • Global community in a time of crisis: towards a better future
  • The Global is Local: building hope through action in the local community
  • Community and loneliness epidemic/mental health issues
  • Diversity in community
  • Celebration of community

Understanding faith-based communities through their stories

On 14 November, with the help of Prof John McCafferty, we will explore an understanding of why and how different faith-based communities grow, develop, sustain themselves, change, adapt or dissolve.  We will discuss the relationship between faith-based communities and the individual and look at new and emerging stories: faith-based communities during and post-pandemic. REGISTER HERE…

Creating a community of love, filled with hope