Community - Old Paths and New Directions

On Sunday 26 June, we gathered at Howe Close for a liturgy and afternoon tea, to celebrate with those who had taken part in our series Community: Old Paths and New Directions.  It was a happy occasion and for some people the first time they had met each other in person!

For those who were unable to join us, we have attached some details of the liturgy and a few photos below.

Our prayer meditation focussed on the meaning of community: a prayer to help us reach out in relationship, not only to those with whom we have affinity, but to allow new perspectives for ourselves and our communities.

The bible passage, Road to Emmaus, reflected back to our first talk led by Lea Verstricht, when Lea suggested that being in community is being on a journey; it’s about people daring to tell their stories; being open to the stranger; and listening to what they tell us about our own lives – in words and/or in symbols.

We shared tea together in the spirit of friendship and service.


Moira’s welcome

Prayer meditation

Bible passage





Salient points from Community: old paths and new directions