Community - Old Paths and New Directions

“It is said that for an estimated 9 million U.K. citizens, loneliness is the sad reality of modern life.”

“Loneliness is one of the biggest health challenges we face. It has little to do with being physically isolated, but more about a sense of disconnection from the people around us.”  

“How am I so alone in a place with so many people?


In our final discussion session we talked about loneliness.  Loneliness is a mismatch between the quality and quantity of social connections that a person has and what they would like to have.  By improving our understanding of loneliness we can help ourselves and others to manage the feeling.  We discussed how important it is to talk about loneliness without stigma, how to spot the signs of loneliness and help build more meaningful connections so people feel less isolated.

You can follow the links below to view the powerpoint, notes, two video clips shown in the session and a list of useful resources, which we hope you will find helpful.