Community - Old Paths and New Directions

On 3 October we welcomed Dr Lea Verstricht, friend and theologian, to explore with us a theology of community and to open our theme for the year: Community: Old Paths and New Directions.

Lea’s talk focussed on an understanding of community, as discerned in scripture. Using the New Testament story of the Road to Emmaus, Lea helped us discover through the text, elements of being and living in community.  We looked at the relationship between the individual and community and considered what we can learn about building community in our times.  Being a community is a ‘being on a journey’ and being open to new possibilities for ourselves and the community.

As usual, Lea did not disappoint and left us with much to think about – you can see for yourselves in the recording below!  Great thanks to Lea for starting us off so well and we hope to invite Lea to talk to us in person next year.