Community - Old Paths and New Directions

On 8th February at 6.45 – 8pm (on Zoom), we were delighted to welcome representatives from four organisations whom we had asked to describe their work in the local community – building hope through action.

It was inspiring to hear from these organisations and how they are helping the most vulnerable in our local communities. exemplifying and illustrating that to begin to create a better global future, we should start ‘in our own backyard’.

You can see the recording by clicking the button marked LOCAL COMMUNITY – RECORDING at the end of this page.

Further information  about each of the organisations can be found by clicking on their names below.



Supporting young people in crisis

Colchester Korban Project is a Christian charity providing supported housing for 16 – 25 year olds who have found themselves in crisis. they offer young people a home, support and guidance as they prepare themselves for independence. Korban was started by several churches as their response to youth homelessness in the area.  



Local support for refugees

More than 29 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes and countries because of war or persecution. Community Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to welcome a refugee family into your neighbourhood and support them as they restart their lives, here in the UK.

Reset is the UK’s Community Sponsorship learning hub. Set up in 2018 to coordinate the growth of the Community Sponsorship movement across the UK to ensure it realises its full, transformative potential. Providing training and support to Community Sponsorship projects across the UK.



Ecumenical dialogue & joint projects 

Churches Together in Essex & East London (CTEEL) facilitate the ecumenical dialogue between churches and united work of Christians in the region. 

Our key objective is the advancement of the Christian religion in our villages, towns and communities by sharing the love of Christ through:

  • visible unity – one faith one God
  • common witness – prayer, worship and evangelism
  • serving together – meeting human needs, breaking down barriers, seeking justice peace and caring for creation
  • local partnerships – ecumenical churches and project


Church on the streets

St Francis Community seek to live their lives following Jesus and exploring faith together and is looking to create daily opportunities for prayer, learning, friendship and action. ‘We are part of the Church of England but have no specific church building. There are many places where we live and work and play and pray as a growing Christian Community, including our local coffee shops, Community centre, homes and parks’


Links to two of the stories mentioned by Emmaline (RESET) in the recording are below:

Carol’s story:

Damien’s story: