A short podcast, part of BBC Radio 4’s Rethink series,  Carlo Ravelli a leading physicist, reflects on how this crisis has been a lesson in humility, has revealed our fragility and has forced us to think about our own mortality. He suggests that the future depends on how we react to the fear and disruptions of today and how we collaborate with each other globally.

An article by Rachel Kelly a writer and mental health campaigner, writing in the Tablet, as we eased restrictions after lockdown.  She explains the concept of ‘reverse culture shock’, the difficulties of reconnecting with the world and says we can take our time to get back to normality.

Shelagh Fogarty, a radio and television presenter and journalist writes: “One of the key lessons of the pandemic is that we should rethink how we treat older people and learn to value them.”

Some questions to help us with our own reflections:

What has my lockdown experience been like?

How have we been coping as individuals; as communities?

How do I feel about the future?  Has the pandemic changed my outlook?

What do I hope for following the pandemic? for myself?  my family? the world?

(At what stage on the diagram am I?)