On Friday 8 March 2024, Dr Cormac Begadon visited the Community in Colchester, to report back on the next stage of the excavations on the site where the Community had their house in Rue St Gilles.

Cormac had made a follow-up trip to Liège in December and was welcomed by the lead archaeologist, Guillaume Mora Dieu, and his colleague, Patricia Gillet. His talk gave an overview of the physical changes to the site and comment on what we can learn from these changes.

There was news too of a forthcoming article by Cormac, which will be published in The Tablet on 20 April. The piece will focus on the school in Liége – the programme of modernization implemented by Christina Dennett and the Community’s ‘groundbreaking system of education for girls’.

You can read the report and view the presentation below: