Big Questions

Discussing ‘today’s big questions’ needs wisdom and the art of spiritual discernment.  As an introduction to our new theme, we were thrilled to welcome Dr Jessie Rogers who spoke to us about wisdom and discernment and gave us key pointers for journeying wisely together.



Seeking wisdom together – with Dr Jessie Rogers (St Patricks, Maynooth)

 Scripture tells us that fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions (Prov 18:2). Those of us who seek wisdom will find it in communities that listen attentively, speak honestly, and are open to being surprised. In this session, I will look at some principles for discerning together, especially around big questions which can be polarising and generate a lot of heat.

Jessie Rogers is a scripture scholar and Dean of Theology at St Patrick’s Pontifical University, Maynooth. Jessie is passionate about facilitating transformative engagement with scripture. Her research interests include biblical wisdom literature, children and the Bible, and synodality. She has served on the steering committee for the Irish Synodal Pathway.


Jessie suggested that with regard to our discussions on ‘big questions’ of our time, we cannot hope to ‘solve’ them so much as to engage with them in a way that works in the direction of life and wholeness. You can listen to the talk below: