Pray With Us

Dear All,

July trundles on……….  I wonder how others are finding these weeks – I feel it is ‘going on a bit’!  I think I long for a ‘normal’ summer – without mention of COVID, infection rates, delta variants & so on.  Our theme today probably reflects something of this.  It is really just thoughts about daily living – questions, answers …………  I hope something might resonate with you.  If not, please ignore!

Our blessing this week is ‘Song of Blessing’  by John Glynn.  We will pray it for all of you.

With our love



Thoughts on the Way.


As we make our way out of what the last been months have been,

I don’t know whether I have become

more holy,

more obedient,

more prayerful.


I doubt there is



in spite of all my efforts.

But there are more

people on my way

struggling like me and

sharing their inadequacy & their triumphs

like me.

That helps.




The Kingdom is Near 

by Kathy Galloway

among the pots and pans,
kneaded and rolled into apple pie
fragrant and warm and spicy.
around the kitchen table,
present to all the hurts and injustices.
in the dance,
weaving patterns of conviviality and resistance.
Now, open house, open hearts.
listening, respect, encouragement,
right relationship is not postponed.
Here and now.
Only this.
It is enough.





Thom M. Shuman.

When eternity comes

maybe God will sort it all out:

the unanswered questions

that keep us awake at night;

the undeserved suffering

that pains us;

the brokenness which

no matter how hard we try,

we cannot mend.

Someday, when eternity comes,

maybe God will sort it all out

but until then

we know:

love showered earth

when Jesus came,

and flows from us to others;

hope was planted in our hearts

and we wait for the harvest;

joy became our soul’s companion

and yearns to walk with us;

grace was the gift

we cannot exchange;

and these are all the

answers we have

until eternity comes.