Pray With Us

Dear All,

We hope you are managing to relax into summer – a strange summer weather-wise, but this weekend it looks as though it may take a better turn.  We are hoping so since today’s theme is ‘summertime’.  We hope you will find one (or more) of the chosen pieces helps your reflection & enjoyment of this time.  It is a different ‘summer’ for many with restrictions still in place & limited travel abroad but there are many good things to experience even if it is what you can see from your window.

Our blessing this week is ‘My Peace’ from Sacred Dance.

Peace to know, peace to live; peace to show & a peace to give,

It’s a peace to share & a peace that cares;

My peace I give unto you, my peace.

Enjoy the week ahead!

With our love & prayer




A Summer Gloria.

Glory be to God…
for clear blue skies and sunny days
for fresh green grass and leafy trees
for vivid purple flowers and well-tended gardens
for fluffy white clouds and gentle breezes
for bright red buses and busy streets

Glory be to God…
for people stepping out with sandaled feet
for children playing games with delighted squeals
for picnics and street parties
for street traders and market stalls
for long days and short nights
for open-topped buses and open-necked shirts.

Glory be to God…
for seasons
for summer
for sunshine

Chick Yuill



It’s summer time . . . finally . . . so stop and smell the roses. In the midst of all the family vacations, sports schedules, and general busyness of life, don’t miss the summertime moments of joy: a beautiful sunrise, summertime flowers, a child eating watermelon with it dripping down her face, the smell of a real barbecue, the heat of the summer sun, or a day at the beach or the lake. Take the opportunity to bask in the goodness of the Son: to slow down, to breathe deep, and to just enjoy life. Even if just for a moment . . .


My favourite summertime memories are sitting around a fire with family and friends at the end of a long day, with a glass of wine, and music, and the embers of the fire casting shadows: the light takes away the edges and years on our faces, makes us serene and joy-filled and reflective. Can’t we learn something from those moments about reflectivity, and quiet, and deep gratitude for those people in our lives with whom we share the most important moments in and out of season?

Summertime has a lot of poetry in its days. Just take a moment, breathe deep, and don’t miss them.

Now pray . . .

William Carlos Williams




Come Summer With Me.

Come summer with me, Lord;
summer deep down in my soul;
restore my faith in summer’s time,
in rest, in joy, in play, in you…

Summer in my heart, Lord,
and dwell there
as if time would never end,
as if all time were children’s time, eternal time
when school is always out and joy is ever in…

And let others summer in my shade, Lord,
and share whatever summer’s peace is mine to give,
whatever summer’s light is mine to shed,
whatever summer’s warmth is mine to share…

Good God of every season and every day this week,
come summer with me, Lord, and let the child in my heart
spend this summer in your love…


Austin Fleming.



The Blessings of Summertime.

Joy, love, peace and safety – helping others enjoy the blessings of the summertime.

During these months of summer and vacation days grant us refreshment of mind and body as we enjoy the warm days of summertime.

Jesus, thank you for Summer. Thank you for light and warmth.

Thank you for the sun.