Dear All,

Some reflections related to Harvest this week – not all necessarily the beauty & bounty of it all but arising from a consciousness of issues that arise at this time.  We hope one or more will mean something for you.

Amazing to think we will be in October by next Saturday & amidst the time of darker mornings & shorter days.  Let’s hope reasonably bright days will stop us focussing too much on that.

Our sung blessing this week is the ‘Irish Blessing’ from ‘Sacred Weave’.  Let us extend it to those who live alone & find it hard.

With our love


Lord of the Harvest

who has given us so much;

help us to be generous like you,

that the world may know your goodness & blessing.

And may the blessing of God

Maker, Son, and Holy Spirit,

remain on us,

and be made known through us,

now & always.  Amen.



Not so safely gathered in,

in recent years.

Climate change, floods and disease

have taken their toll.

As we sing the joyful hymns

and admire the harvest display,

give us compassion

and understanding

which moves beyond our dismay

at the increased prices in our shops

into prayer

and active concern

for those whose livelihood depends on the harvest

in all its forms.

We pray for farmers,

especially those whose life’s work has been destroyed in an instant;

for local people who suffer the knock­-on effects;

for all affected by climate change across the world.


Carolyn Morris



21st Century Harvest

Lord, we give thanks for the changing of the seasons,
for autumn, the fullness of harvest
and the promise of rebirth and renewal,
for the fulfilment of our work
for goals achieved
for targets met and projects delivered.
Help us to celebrate what we have achieved.
Give us discipline to review our efforts
and the wisdom to learn from our mistakes.
Inspire us to plan ahead.
We ask this in the sure knowledge of the resurrection,
the transformation of death to new life,
and the building of your kingdom.


At the End of an Autumn Day

In this autumn season of gratitude for the fruits of this Earth.

I give you thanks for the gifts of these days.

At the end of this day, full of thanksgiving,

I seek to overflow with pardon for all

who may have caused delay or disturbance, pain or injury on this day.

Lean near & close my eyes with your compassionate touch

so that I can sleep this night as I hope I will sleep in death – anointed in your love & at peace with all.

Blessed are you, O Harvest of My Heart,

Sacred Source of All Life,

Ever-watchful Guardian of my sleep.