Dear Friends,

As always at this time of year there are many celebrations of Harvest. These attachments maybe enlarge our idea of harvest – so many different harvests go on on so many different levels – and then there are the effects of a poor harvest on the land & the causes of this in our time.

And we have a blessing that focuses again on peace this week.  We have seen the effects of war on a country’s harvest – may this blessing bring deep peace to those people enduring war at this time.  It comes from the Sacred Pathway CD – and is a celtic blessing ‘Deep Peace’.

With our love & prayer



Small Seed, Big Harvest   


September leads us into Earth’s harvest of plenty.  The land’s abundance epitomises the effects of dedicated service.  The harvest of the heart requires self-giving, attentive listening, and devoted love. We trust that kind deeds, however large or small, make a difference.  We give generously of ourselves, trusting that the Holy One dwells within those we are serving.


We may never know how a kernel of thoughtfulness & care stretches & grows, how some seemingly insignificant comment or action may well be that small seed in the mulch bag of life that ends up producing a surprising harvest.  One word, one kind deed, one smile, one decision, one thank you, one phone call, one hug, one, ‘I’m here for you’, or one ‘I forgive you’ can make a world of difference to another person.

Joyce Rupp



21st Century Harvest

Lord, we give thanks for the changing of the seasons,
for autumn, the fullness of harvest
and the promise of rebirth and renewal,
for the fulfilment of our work
for goals achieved
for targets met and projects delivered.
Help us to celebrate what we have achieved.
Give us discipline to review our efforts
and the wisdom to learn from our mistakes.
Inspire us to plan ahead.
We ask this in the sure knowledge of the resurrection,
the transformation of death to new life,
and the building of your kingdom.


Author Unknown



Not So Safely Gathered In

Not so safely gathered in,

in recent years.

Climate change, floods and disease

have taken their toll.

As we sing the joyful hymns

and admire the harvest display,

give us compassion

and understanding

which moves beyond our dismay

at the increased prices in our shops,

into prayer

and active concern

for those whose livelihood depends on the harvest

in all its forms.

We pray for farmers

especially those whose life’s work has been destroyed in an instant;

for local people who suffer the knock-on effects;

for all affected by climate change across the world.


Carolyn Morris



We offer a harvest of praise to you,
Spirit of joy and wonder.
You pour out your gentleness upon us,
so we might be energized to do what is right.
You patiently sit down to teach us,
using bold print so we might learn
lives of service, gratitude and humility,
if we but trust enough to listen to you.
God in Community, Holy in One,
may we trust always in you.


Thom Shuman