Dear All,


We hope the summer is going well for you.  School holidays are beginning & the pattern of many people’s lives will change – change temporarily, or more permanently.  Children, parents, grandparents, teachers are all adjusting to a different routine.  Times of change usually mean choices.  This week our attachments are loosely connected to change & choices. We hope you find something helpful here.


Our blessing this week in from ‘Fire of Love’ – it is just called ‘A Blessing’.  We could pray it for our families & friends or for all those who are undergoing significant change in their lives at the moment and are challenged by it.


With our love

PS  For those who choose to join us for Evening Prayer: on this coming Wednesday & Thursday we have to be away on business so no Evening Prayer in Blessed Sacrament Church on Wednesday 26th and no zoom on Thursday 27th.



Choosing Freely

One of the best things about inner freedom

is the ability to be less controlled by our emotions

or our ideas, to be able to sort them out

and to see what leads to greater good.

It is the gift of deliberately choosing

to act in a certain way,

not out of guilt, fear, coercion, manipulation,

or any other unfree motivation,

but because we want to do so.

When we have inner freedom, we are able

to dwell more quietly at our centre

because we are more true to who we really are.

Joyce Rupp



Willingness to Change

From the beginning then,

there are moments

when the word addressed to us

makes us abandon the world

of our own making,

and enter upon new life.

Dialogue is not simply

a giving and receiving of information;

it does not change a person simply

by expanding their knowledge.

 Again and again

as we are in dialogue with others

we must hear the painful word

which overcomes us,

and draws forth a response in us,

that transforms life.

The word addressed to us

at those moments

reveals to us the truth

of which we are afraid.

It pierces the screen we have put up

between ourselves and reality.

Then we must either flee from this word

and hide behind defenses,

or open ourselves to it,

go through the painful passage

from our shallow understanding

to greater depth,

and receive the truth

that has been spoken to us.




Trasna – the crossing place.

The pilgrims paused on the ancient stones, in the mountain gap.

Behind them stretched the roadway they had travelled,

Already a far journey …was it a lifetime?  Ahead, mist hid the track.

Unspoken the question hovered: Why go on? Is life not short enough?

Why seek to pierce its mystery:

why venture further on strange paths, risking all?

Surely that is a gamble for fools…or lovers.

Why not return quietly by the known road?  Why be a pilgrim still?

A voice they knew called to them, saying: This is Trasna, the crossing-place.


Go back if you must,

You will find your way easily by yesterday’s road,

You can pitch your tent by yesterday’s fires, there may be embers yet.

If that is not your deep desire, stand still. 

Lay down your load.

Take your life firmly in your two hands,

(Gently…you are trusted with something precious),

While you search your heart’s yearnings:

What am I seeking?

What is my quest?

When your star rises deep within, trust yourself to its leading.

You will have light for your first steps.

This is Trasna, the crossing-place.


This is Trasna, the crossing-place.



Sister Raphael Considine PBVM