Dear Friends,

We are coming towards the end of these weeks of Eastertide.  On Thursday we celebrated the feast of the Ascension and these week’s attachments relate to these days of Ascensiontide.  It is quite a mysterious happening & maybe there will be a word or phrase within one of the readings that helps you to an insight into it.

Our blessing this week is from Heavenly Peace, ‘The Peace of Christ be with you’. Let’s pray once again for areas of conflict – those at a distance (Ukraine, Afghanistan, the DRC, Sudan,) but also those closer to home, perhaps in our families, amongst our friends ………….

Love to you all


Advance notice for those who come to Evening Prayer (zoomed or live):

From Thursday 25 May until Sunday 4th June inclusive there will be no zoomed EP.  Also, for those who join us in the Blessed Sacrament church, we won’t be there for EP on Tuesday 30 or Wed 31 May.



Ascension Thursday

Caryl Micklem

Ascended Lord, Jesus,

Once you lived a human life

subject to the limitations of time:

now you are the same yesterday, today & for ever.

Once you were limited to one particular place:

now you are present wherever people turn to you.

Once only those who met you face to face knew you:

now your divine love extends through all the world.

Jesus, ascended Lord of time and space,

love as wide as life – we thank you!



When we stand gazing upwards, bring us down to earth:

with the love of a friend

through the songs of the sorrowing

in the faces of the hungry.

When we look to you for action, demand some work from us:

by your touch of fire

your glance of reproof

your fearful longing.

As ruler over all:

love us into action;

fire us with your zeal;

enrich us with your grace

to make us willing subjects of your rule. Amen.

Janet Nightingale



Sensible men,

men with their feet

planted on the ground

who are, they say, objective,

not given to dallying

in a fool’s paradise,

not influenced by shades

or the gossamer world of dreams,

substantial men

who recognise what is tangible,

solid, concrete, palpable,

such men

would be dismayed to learn

that the only reality is spirit.


The spirit was

before matter existed.

The spirit is

while matter decays.

The spirit will be

when every part of matter

has become dust

scattered by the wind of the spirit,

or reshaped by the sign of his breath.

Without the spirit

matter has no meaning.

Without the spirit

there is no meaning.


We preach what is nonsense

to the sensible man,

impossible to the rational mind.

We preach Jesus Christ,

who, for love of us,

lived, suffered, was crucified

and rose from the dead,

who is Lord of life & death,

time and space,

matter and spirit.

And we who knew him

in Galilee and Judea,

sometimes witnessed, without understanding,

moments when there seemed to be

a confusion between matter and spirit.

Moments when his reality astonished us.

And we flounder when we look for words

to describe what no human eye

has ever seen.

Such as the day we call

the day of his Ascension.


And the sun seemed to flare,

as if a mist had cleared his face,

lighting the clouds, blinding white,

as white as when he was transfigured.

And was he lifted up?

Or did the very mountain shrink beneath his feet,

humbled by his magnificence?

Open-mouthed we stared

as those dazzling clouds enfolded him

in splendour beyond imagining.

The King of Kings

ascending his throne

with glory dancing in our eyes,

and in our ears silent hallelujahs

harmonising, mingling with his words –


You –

you shall be my witnesses –

my witnesses to the end of the earth,





Writer unknown