Pray With Us

Dear All,

Last week we were reflecting on issues around Justice.  Sometimes we can feel a bit remote from such a theme – the people we are thinking about won’t necessarily be close to us.  In contrast this week we are homing in on those close to us.  Someone we live with, live near, see from time to time, sit next to on a bus, find difficult to be with, enjoy being with.  If maybe we turn the reflection, (just one this week), upside down we can also, & quite usefully, make ourselves the subject.  It isn’t a reflection necessarily for everyone but we hope it will make sense to some.

In a couple of weeks we will have begun Lent.  On Ash Wednesday we will be zooming a reflection & hope you will join us.

Our blessing this week is the ‘Repose Blessing’ from New Dawn.  Perhaps we can pray it for anyone who comes to mind when we read the reflection.

God, bless to me this day, God, bless to me this night;

Bless, O bless, thou God of Grace, each day & hour of my life.

God bless the path on which I go,

God bless the earth beneath my feet.

Bless, O God, give to me your love,

Bless, O God, my rest & my repose.

With our love



The Person Next To Me……

Is the greatest miracle & the greatest mystery I have ever met!

Is a person loved by God & a sign to me of God’s love!

Is a unique universe of experiences; fears & hope; tears & smiles!

Is a person searching for the meaning of their life!

Lives for something, counts for something & to someone!

Labours for someone, waits for something!  Hopes in the future!

The Person At My Side….

Has problems & fears, is often undecided & troubled but …….

Is a person blessed by God, able to survive the greatest difficulties.

Is a person able to reach the happiness for which God created them.

This person needs me as I need them!

For This person I Now Pray….

May God bless you: who you are & what you do.

May you experience joy & peace everyday of your life!

May you never get tired of doing good & hoping in God!

In the morning may you feel the hope of a new day!

In the evening may you go to sleep feeling God’s protection.

May your life be full of consolation, peace & love!

May the light of God protect & guide you always.