Dear All,

Perhaps the theme for today’s reflections in Lent will surprise you – hope!  But our world needs it & so do we as part of that world.  The news reminds us all the time about the continuing war between Russia & Ukraine, the situation in Turkey & Syria following the earthquake continues to be dire for those affected by it, the climate & the environment are constantly brought to our attention – and so many other issues.  In our own personal lives there are challenges that need a hope-filled response.  And if we are following Christ through Lent we find clouds gathering.  So we hope that the attachments today will be helpful to you.

The blessing is Marty Haugen’s Dona Nobis Pacem from his CD ‘The Song & the Silence’.  There is no shortage of people we can extend to whom we can extend this.

We hope those who are following the Lent course are finding it helpful.  On Tuesday 21st at New Hall there is another opportunity – part of this year’s focus on Listening:






Next week we will give you the links for the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday & Holy Saturday Reflections.

With our love & prayer for our shared Lenten journey



Lenten Psalm of Awakening

Come, O life-giving Creator,

and rattle the door latch of my slumbering heart.

Awaken me as you breathe upon a winter-wrapped earth,

gently calling to life virgin Spring.

Awaken in these fortified days of Lenten prayer

and discipline my youthful dream of holiness.

Call me forth from the prison camp

         of my numerous past defeats

and my narrow patterns of being

to make my ordinary life extra-ordinarily alive,

through the passion of my love.

Show to me during these Lenten days

how to take the daily things of life

and by submerging them in the sacred,

to infuse them with a great love for you, O God,

and for others.

Guide me to perform simple acts of love and prayer

the real works of reform and renewal

of this overture to the spring of the Spirit.

O Father of Jesus, Mother of Christ, help me not to waste

these precious Lenten days of my soul’s spiritual springtime.

Edward Hays



Hope comes in little ways –

it only takes one shining star,

one faithful friend,

one wisp of inspiration,

one touch of creation’s beauty,

one deep sip of love

to keep the illumination alive in us.

we thank you for the radiance

of a dark sky full of stars,

and for the faithful light of dawn

that follows every turn of darkness.

we thank you for loved ones and strangers

whose inner beacons of light

warmed and welcomed my pain.

we thank you for your presence, protecting,

guiding, reassuring, loving.

we thank you for all those life-surprises

that sparkled a bit of hope in our ashes.

And, we thank you for the darkness

(the unwanted companion we shun and avoid)

because this pushy intruder comes with truth

and reveals our hidden treasures.




The Sun is Still Rising and I am Still Growing

Morgan Harper Nichols


The sun is still rising
the wind is still blowing
and no matter the landscape I am growing.

You are still growing. Even when your mind is anxious and you feel lost indoors, trying to make sense of a place you have been before, I hope you can trust that the sun is still rising, even if you don’t watch it rise each day. You have not missed out on what was meant for you, even when it seems that way.

You have not missed out
on what was meant for you –
you  have not missed out
on what was meant for you:

a life where even through brokenness 
morning mercy
morning Light
shines through.

Things will change. 
Yes, things will change.
Hour by hour, 
and day by day. 

You will grieve
what could have been
and what is no longer
the same



With Hope in My Heart

by Rev. Sarah Are

I refuse to believe that I am powerless.
I refuse to believe that injustice and hatred are simply the way it has to be.
I refuse to believe that I am better or more deserving than my neighbour.
I refuse to believe that my self-worth is rooted in my accomplishments or appearance.
I refuse to believe that the Church is dying, because I see God all around me.
I refuse to believe that the traditions of old are the only path for moving forward.
I refuse to believe that I cannot make a difference.
So with hope in my heart, I will strive to live a life of courage, conviction, and compassion,
just as Jesus taught us.