Dear All,

We are hoping that your journey through Lent is continuing well despite the distressing news.  All our prayer at this time must surely be focussed on the people of Ukraine.

In the northern hemisphere we are fortunate that Lent & the coming of Spring coincide.  The themes of each serve to reinforce the other.  Following last week’s Lenten reflections, we are focusing on Spring this week & hope you will find that the two weeks complement each other.

The blessing is ‘Deep Peace’, a Gaelic blessing from ‘Libera Peace’.  Let’s extend it to all those struggling at this time to find the joy of Springtime in their lives.

Deep peace of the running wave to you

Deep peace of the flowing air to you

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you

Deep peace of the shining stars to you

Deep peace of the gentle night to you

Moon & stars pour their healing light on you

Deep peace of Christ the light of the world to you

Deep peace of Christ to you.


Maundy Thursday 14.4.22:  Reflection on the Washing of the Feet – 5.30pm. (about 25/30 mins)        ID: 882 6167 2004   Passcode: 987291

Good Friday 15.4.22: Reflection: What is this day about?

7pm. (about 25/30 mins)          ID: 829 0055 6488 Passcode: 060489

Holy Saturday 16.4.22: Reflection: A Forgotten Day?

10am (about 25/30 mins)  ID: 851 4848 4877    Passcode: 042996

ALSO: LIVE in Blessed Sacrament Church on Holy Saturday 16.4.22. at 11.30am – A Reflection for Holy Saturday.


With our love


Spring – I am listening.

How quietly the earth breathes forth new life.

How eagerly the sun bleeds forth the spring.

I am listening.

I am listening to seeds breaking open, to roots growing strong beneath the ground, to green shoots rising up from winter wombs.

I am listening to thorns blossoming, to barren branches laughing out new growth, to wildflowers dancing through the meadows.

I am listening to the forest filling up with song.

I am listening to the earth filling up with life.

I am listening to trees filling up with leaves.

I am listening to the sky with its many changing moods, to flashes of lightning, peals of thunder, to opening buds and greening grass.

I am listening to the breaking forth of light in the vestibule of dawn.

I am listening to the freshness of the morning.

I am listening to the raindrops giving hope to thirsty gardens.

I am listening to the orchards pregnant with new life,

I am listening to the flowers bursting forth in rainbow colours.

I am listening to the brook, to the song of happy waters,

I am listening to music rising up from all the earth.

I am listening to spring soaring in on wings of life,

I am listening to the sounds of spring.

I am listening to prayers pouring forth from feathered throats,

I am listening to prayers rising up from misty waters.

I am listening to prayers of a meadow crowned with dawn.

I am listening to the growing in the garden of my heart.

I am listening to my heart singing songs of resurrection.

I am listening to the colours of life.

I am listening to winter handing over spring,

I am listening to the poetry of spring.

I am listening.


Macrina Wiederkehr



Song of Welcoming.

Sacred Parent, creator of the sun that makes the seasons,

I rejoice in the gift of ever-growing light

as the Earth daily leans closer to our daystar.

With joyfulness I greet this new season of spring

that rises from the grey death chamber of winter.

As my ancestors of old

 lit feasting fires to banish the darkness

 and to call forth the fire of the sun,

may I enkindle in my heart the flames of hope in new life.

Hope rides on the springtime air

 carried aloft upon the wind,

filling field and forest, city and town,

with the incense of excitement.

With awe-filled joy

I sing of the sun, mysterious daystar

 that warms and feeds our planet

 with energy and light.

I sing with joy that your son, the sun,

has signalled once again

the beginning of a new season of life.

Great and generous are you, my God,

who has given us the rich variety

 of ever-changing seasons. Amen.

Edward Hays



A Spring Blessing
Blessed are you, spring,
bright season of life awakening.
You gladden our hearts
with opening buds and returning leaves
as you put on your robes of splendour.

Blessed are you, spring.
In you is a life no death can destroy.
As you exchange places with winter
you harbour no unforgiving spirit
for broken tree limbs and frozen buds.

Blessed are you, spring.
You open the closed buds of our despair
as you journey with us
to the flowering places.

Blessed are you, spring.
You invite us to sing songs
to the frozen regions within
and to bless the lessons of winter
as we become your partner in a new dance.

Blessed are you, spring.
Like Jesus, standing before the tomb of Lazarus,
you call to us: “Remove winter’s stone, come out,
there is life here you have not yet tasted.”

Blessed are you, spring,
free gift of the earth.
Without cost we gaze upon your glory.
You are a gospel of good news
for the poor and rich alike.

Blessed are you, spring.
Your renewing rain showers and cathartic storms
nurture the potential that sleeps in Earth’s heart
and in our earthen hearts.

Blessed are you, spring,
season of resurrection, sacrament of promise.
Like Jesus you rise up out of the darkness,
leaving around you a wake of new life.

Blessed are you, spring,
miracle child of the four seasons.
With your wand of many colours
you work your magic in the corners of our darkness.

Blessed are you, spring,
season of hope and renewal.
Wordless poem about all within us
that can never die.
Each year you amaze us
with the miracle of returning life.

Joyce Rupp