Pray With Us


Dear All,

This week we have chosen to reflect on Evening Time.

There is a contemporary psalm – ‘A Sunset Psalm of Turning’, and Joyce Rupp’s ‘The Secret of Serenity’ – the evening of the year.  Also, some music: a track from Belmont Abbey, Alan Rees’s  ‘Stay with us, Lord’ – a reflection on words from the Emmaus story where the weary travellers at evening time invite Jesus to stay with them & share a meal with them, and David Hass’s ’At Evening’.

We end as usual with a blessing – not a musical one this week.

The words of ‘Stay with Us’ – in case you don’t catch them all!



Stay with us Lord, for day is almost over, come to us in peace & greet us with your word;

You we have known, your love has sought & found us, speak to us now, our brother & our Lord.

Stay with us Lord, your word like fire within us sheds its searching light on all our despair;

We had forgotten you, the risen Master, taking our way you talked with us there.

Stay with us Lord, & ever go before us, soon will your future dawn on  us like day;

Stretch out your hand to hold & lead us always, gentle & strong one, Lord of our way.

Enjoy your weekend!


A Sunset Psalm of Turning  

Edward Hays

Slowly we are turning once again

to look into the dark, star-sprinkled space

through which our planet is travelling.

All life is aware of the approaching view,

and the sunset beauty of this day’s end

is an overture to the awesome grandeur

of the eternal vision that awaits us.

As the earth turns outwards,

may my thoughts turn inwards

to the Sacred Mystery that dwells in my heart.

At the end of this day

I sing a song of thanksgiving

for the wonder of life.

I lift up my voice in gratitude

for all this day has held for me

as I turn my memory to its flood of gifts.


pause for recollection of blessings & gifts………………..


Blessed are you, Divine Mystery,

who has chosen to dwell within me

and has enriched this day

with zestful life, beauty, love,

and the discipline of my trials & temptations.

Blessed are you, O God,

most blessed are you.



The Secret of Serenity

with a constant chorus of cicadas

the leaves tumble down,

from long, thin silver poplars

they twirl to the ground,

dancing the autumn death-dance

beneath the great blue sky.

this gigantic death-scene of leaves

does not smell of sorrow & sadness;

rather, the earth is coloured with joy

and the leaves make music in the wind.

I have not yet discovered the secret

of the serenity of sailing leaves;

every autumn I walk among them

with a longing that stretches forever,

wanting to face that death-dance

and the truth of my own mortality.


At Evening – David Hass


A Blessing

As we prepare to sleep

And to lay down the challenges

of our lives & our world,

let us ask for God’s blessing.

May God bless us this night

by renewing our strength

to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

May God bless us so that we have grown in wisdom

 when we rise.

May God bless us by filling our hearts full of love

to care for our earth & its people –

tomorrow may we bring forth new life.

Bless us dear Father, Son & Spirit with peace –

peace in our hearts, peace in those we love & care for,

Peace in our shared world.