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Enlightenment from within the Cloister?

The Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre and their Embrace of a Global Intellectual Movement

We were delighted to welcome Dr Cormac Begadon, on 21 February 2021, to update us on his research into the Community’s archive.

Dr Cormac Begadon is Assistant Professor (Research): Sepulchrine Fellow in the History of Catholicism at Durham University.  He is currently engaged in the 2nd year of ground-breaking research based on the Community archives.

Cormac is principally a historian of the eighteenth century, with a particular interest in how new ways of thinking and political movements shaped the lives of Catholic religious. His current research examines the history of the Canonesses in this period and the way in which their convent at Liège flourished in the eighteenth century thanks to the Community’s embrace of enlightened thought.


For those who were unable to join us, you can watch a recording of his talk here: