Day with Lea Verstricht

We were given a day to treasure on April 28th, with the Belgian theologian Lea Verstricht. She introduced us to the concept that we, as members of the human race, are co-creators with God in a threefold process of creation, decreation, and recreation. We discussed the role of Eve in the first act of decreation at the Fall, and how Eve also had a vital place in creation history as the mother of all living. She made human life possible.

We then went on to explore the concepts of ‘lieu’ and ‘non-lieu’, the latter being a place of uncertainty, isolation and pain, but also a place of promise, where growth is possible. In the ‘non-lieu’ there may be a process of deconstruction so that hidden things may emerge, the truth becomes apparent, and we move forward. Lea described ‘sparkles of hope’ along the way, reminding us of the joy and sparkle of Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the Risen Lord, after the waiting of Silent [Holy] Saturday, and of the visit to the empty tomb.

We need to focus on these ‘sparkles of hope’ as we seek to overcome the dualism in our own lives and in society. To overcome dualism, and to move from the ‘non-lieu’, we need solidarity, justice and dialogue. In dialogue we seek the truth, as with God’s help we work to overcome our fear of each other, and our pretension to holding the only truth ourselves. For example, as co-creators with God, we may shape or recreate our families, our circle of friends, or any group in our society to which we belong, into learning communities, where dialogue may take place, and progress from the ‘non-lieu’ be made.

Lea left us with so much to reflect on, and has our heartfelt thanks for the gift of such an amazing day.

Jennifer Salisbury.