Pray With Us

Leader:  When you forgive those who offend you, when you feed

              the hungry & not just with food, when you defend the

              weak, you believe in the Resurrection.

              When you have the courage to take a stand, when you

              welcome a new born child, when you make your home a

              good place to be, you believe in the Resurrection.

              When you wake at peace in the morning, when you sing to

              the rising sun, when you go into your day with joy, you

              believe in the Resurrection.

All:      We believe in the Resurrection.


Please listen to, or join in with, the hymn:

 ‘Lord, your love has drawn us near’.  (Take This Moment.  Tr12.)



Refrain: Lord, your love has drawn us near,

Perfect love which casts out fear,

Love has sought us, homeward brought us,

Joined us in communion here.

How can I repay the Lord, who feeds us with his word,

with bread and wine?

Sing in homage all your days, a sacrifice of praise will be our sign.


He who calls us to be here, who calms us in our fear,

will guide our way;

He who gave his very life, who conquered in the strife,

will light our day.


Every creature that God feeds, praise him who fills your needs,

lift up your voice;

Every creature that has breath, praise him who conquered death, and still rejoice.



We will listen to the canticle being read after saying the antiphon together.

All: From him, through him & in him are all things that exist: to

     him be glory for ever, alleluia!

 Reader: We pray that you will be grateful to God for letting

              you have a part in what he has promised his people in the

              kingdom of light. God rescued us & brought us into the

              kingdom of his dear Son,  who forgives our sins and sets us

              free. Christ is exactly like God, who cannot be seen. He is

              the first-born Son, superior to all creation.  Everything was

              created by him, everything in heaven and on earth,

              everything seen and unseen, including all forces & powers, &

              all rulers & authorities.
All things were created by God’s Son, and everything was

              made for him.  God’s Son was before all else, & by him

              everything is held together.  He is the head of his body,

              which is the church.  He is the very beginning, the first to

              be raised from death, so that he would be above all others.

               God himself was pleased to live fully in his Son. And God

              was pleased for him to make peace by sacrificing his blood

              on the cross, so that all beings in heaven and on earth would

              be brought back to God.

We will listen to Margaret Rizza’s version of part of psalm 26.

(Light in our Darkness. Tr4.)



Refrain: The Lord is my light & my salvation, whom shall I fear?

The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?
There is one thing I ask of the Lord, for this I long
To live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life,
To savour the sweetness of the Lord, to behold his temple.

For there he keeps me safe in his dwelling,

He hides me in the shadow of his wings,

He will set me high upon a rock & my head will be raised,

I shall offer now within his tent a sacrifice of joy.



Reading: Emmaus.  Janet Killeen.

Reader: Our road cut between ash-grey hills, blurring as the sun

             collapsed to the west.  Our feet were urgent, desperate

             for home, yet stumbling with the dread of a cold hearth.

             The morning’s bread dry, the wine sour in a shrunken

             wine-skin.  We talked, words half expressed, thoughts

             unformed as though there were no true words left, no

             coherent Word, fragments only.  Companions, shoulder to

             shoulder, yet alone, bewildered, in the separateness of

             grief.  Sometimes a pang of hope from the absurdity of

             the morning’s news, but always the undertow of disbelief.

             We did not hear the following footsteps scuffing the

             dust, hurrying to overtake us, until the voice spoke,

             questions as though we had been overheard in all our

             doubts & sadness.  A stranger to us whose patient

             answers turned slowly to brimming laughter at our

             bafflement, our incredulity.  He came with us, our fellow-

             traveller to share our paucity of hospitality; we

             recognized him then as the bread broke, transformed to

             blessing in the vibrant hands.

Pause for personal reflection.


Please read the Magnificat as indicated.

All: If you remain in me & my words remain in you, you may ask

     for what you will & you shall have it, alleluia!

Side 1:      O God, who drew me forth from nothingness,

my heart & soul sing out in celebration of your creative touch.

Side 2:    For your knowing of me brought a smile of blessing to your lips. 

And in your gaze, what I thought poor is filled with richness beyond my dreams.

Side 1:      Only you could throw open the door of my heart and release your word within me.

Side 2:    And it is there I hear ‘Holy, holy, holy’.

Side 1:      Your compassion for me inspires mercy in my soul, the truth of your presence brings me to my knees

– for you shatter my illusions & remind me you are God.

Side 2:    Fantasies of self-perfection are emptied out as you gift me an understanding heart.

Side 1:      You have not forsaken us when we have forgotten you. Through generations we celebrate the eternal flame of love.

Side 2:    For your promise to Abraham & Sarah continues to birth new life in us who believe.                                                                                             

All:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy

      Spirit as it was in the beginning,

is now and ever shall be,

      world without end, amen.

All:           If you remain in me & my words remain in you,

you               may ask for what you will & you shall have it, alleluia!


Reader: God in Community who scatters yourself in creating,

             redeeming &  sustaining, hear our prayers for the

             community of which we are a part:

             Into the silence surrounding oppression, may we be a strong voice.

        We pause to pray.

             Into the shadows of despair, may we be the light of hope.

       We pause to pray.

             Into the brokenness of life, may we be healing & strength.

       We pause to pray.

             Into the emptiness of loneliness, may we be a friend & family.

     We pause to pray.

             Into the absence of faith, may we be your face & heart.

   We pause to pray.

Reader: We pray for people who have died today for those who will die tonight.

We also remember those whose anniversaries of death occur tomorrow, remembering especially:

Pause for people to add silently or aloud any further intentions.


Leader begins the Our Father….

Leader:  God of Eastertide, let the promise of your rising grow

              into a reality for us.  Raise us up.  Set us straight.

          Make us ready. Give us hope.  Lift us high.

          Prepare us to set sail again when the tide is right.

         We ask this in Jesus’s name.

All:     Amen.

Leader: So Christ is risen!  Risen again in the midst of it all – that in

             some amazing way we too may be a people of hope who walk

             in the light, imbued with the Spirit.  May we be blessed this

             Easter season & into the future with renewed faith, hope &

             love as we acknowledge & celebrate the resurrection

             experiences in our daily lives.

All:     Amen.