Pray With Us

Dear All,

On this first Saturday of 2023 we wish you & your family many good things during the year.  We have included amongst the attachments a prayer for you all from us all.  Thank you for your many appreciative responses to our Saturday reflections through the year.

Today all our reflections are related in one way or another to the New Year.  We hope that everyone can feel that they have a part to play in making this year better for us having been a part of it.  Even if one thought you find here spurs you on to take a step forward towards the light, that will be a positive contribution to 2023.  May we be a blessing for each other & for all those we have contact with.

As we begin the year we will take the opportunity to remind you that anyone is welcome to join our zoomed Evening Prayer at 5.30 on Sundays, (this normally includes a shared reflection on the day’s Gospel text), & on Mondays and Thursdays.  The links are:


MONDAYS: Every week at 05:30 PM London

Meeting ID: 898 0531 7679

Passcode: 794480

THURSDAYS: Every week at 05:30 PM London

Meeting ID: 844 1467 2835

Passcode: 927896


Meeting ID: 883 3339 1691

Passcode: 301123


You are welcome to come as a ‘one-off’ or regularly – just whenever it suits you.

Our blessing today is ‘My Peace’ from Sacred Dance.


Peace to know, peace to live; peace to show & a peace to give,

It’s a peace to share & a peace that cares;

My peace I give unto you, my peace.


With our love


In this New Year – we pray……………….

That you find meaning, purpose, and vitality in what you do daily

That you treasure your loved ones and let them know how dear they are to you

That you make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self

That you look in the mirror at least once a day and smile in happy amazement

That you remember relationships are what count above all else – more than work or money, or all the material things we spend so much time tending

That you live in an uncluttered manner, enjoying the freedom to be content

That you keep your sense of humour when things don’t go the way you want

That you find adventure in each new day and marvel at the wonders of creation
which constantly present themselves to you

That you never give up on yourself when others turn away or do not understand

That you are attentive to the health of your body, mind and spirit

That you take risks and accept the growth-full challenges that come to you

That you draw on your inner strength and resiliency when you are in need

That you carry peace within yourself, allowing it to slip into the hearts of others
so our planet becomes a place where violence, division, and war are no more



We would let go of the past

Eternal God,

Creator, Son & Spirit,

at the start of this new year,

with your help,

we would let go of the past.

We would lay down our failures, guilt & shame,

and lift our eyes,

and look to the future.

Let the grace of your presence

strengthen our resolve,

enlighten our minds,

clarify our wills,

and inflame our hearts

with love for you

and for all people.

So may we live dedicated lives

in peace, and with courage, faith and cheerfulness,

until the year’s end.




May you give with a loving heart in the coming year,
and receive the satisfaction that comes with doing so.

May you receive from others with openness,
and allow them the gift of giving to you.

May you acknowledge your vulnerability,
and have the wisdom to recognize your need.

May you reach out with continual kindness
and do so with a loving and peaceful heart.

Joyce Rupp