Dear All,

November & clocks have gone back so light & darkness have changed significantly.  We have chosen these two themes – light & darkness – for the next two weeks.  Increased darkness, whether literal or metaphorical, can be challenging for us but for this week we will focus on light & hope that this bucks us up if November seems a bit of a dreary month!

The blessing for today is Haugen’s Hand of God.  Let’s pray it for anyone nearing death at this time (see last two lines) as well as ourselves.


Refrain: The hand of God shall hold you, the peace of God enfold you;

The love that dreamed & formed you still surrounds you here today.

The light of God beside you, above, beneath, inside you,

The light that shines to guide you home to the loving hand of God.


May God’s light shine ever upon you,

May you rest in the arms of God;

May you dwell for evermore

In communion with all the blessed. (Refrain).

May the angels lead you into paradise;

May the martyrs come to welcome you

With our love & prayer



             We See the Light                

In violent times,

beautiful words,

centuries old,

resonant with truth:

‘Because of your light, Lord,

we see the light’.

That light, even now,


our terror-stricken age

with the possibility of change:

offering our over-burdened hearts

a resting place

that a deeper compassion

may be our companion –

an energy of love

to struggle for justice,

to be a wounded healer,

to share what we have,

to carry hope in our hearts,

to laugh & to love,

perhaps, all in one day!

Peter Millar



When we tend our soul, we tend to our portion of ocean. When we give complete attention to our portion of God’s Being, we take up space and emanate the depths of our original energy. It’s how we shine within. And at the edge, where the individual soul meets the world, where the pitcher meets the ocean, where inner light meets outer light, there is a kinetic border we can’t resist, a rim called wonder that draws us back into the Whole.

Mark Nepo


God, Wake Us Up!  

God of new creation,

when we are sleeping,

exhausted by activity

and the demands upon us:

wake us with a burst of light

to lead us with joy into your day.

God of the unexpected,

when we are sleeping,

dulled by apathy

and indifferent to the needs around us:

wake us with a burst of light

to lead us with joy into your day.

God of judgement,

when we are sleeping,

hiding from the truth

and shutting out the pain of reality

wake us with a burst of light

to lead us with joy into your day.

God of all life,

wake us up!

Re-create us,

surprise us,

challenge us,

that we may be ready to greet your light

and walk with joy through the day.

Jan Berry