Pray With Us

Dear All,

The readings for tomorrow’s Eucharist are rich like so many of the ones chosen for Eastertide.

A few quotations: first from 1.John 3.

‘Our love is not just words or mere talk, but something real & active’.

‘If we cannot be condemned by our own conscience, we need not be afraid in God’s presence, & whatever we ask him, we shall receive, because we keep his commandments & live the kind of life that he wants’.

‘His commandments are these: that we believe in the name of his son, Jesus Christ, & that we love one another’.

‘We know that he lives in us by the spirit he has given us’

And then in John’s gospel: Chapter 15.  The Vine.

‘Make your home in me as I make mine in you’.

‘If you remain in me & my words remain in you, you may ask what you will & you shall get it’.

It is worth looking up the full readings, these are only snippets.

1 John 3. 18-24. & John 15. 1-8.

We have added a couple of other pieces of writing which seemed to link in with the above.  And also, of course a blessing: ‘A Blessing’ from Margaret Rizza’s ‘Fire of Love’.

Love to you all & our prayer for you,


Living God, Friend in Christ, Spirit of Hope, here is the place

where the lost & forsaken can find a home,

held in the palm of the creator’s hand.

Here is the place

where the blind & the lame can find new life,

affirmed as Christ’s friends.

Here is the place

where young & old, rich & haughty, proud & strong

can be enlivened by a new hope, born again to holiness.

Living God, here is the place.

So, here is the place

where faith is mixed up with doubts,

friendships falling short, hope not completely understood…..

Here is the place

where all people can rejoice

as a Creator God taps us gently on our shoulder,

and says ‘I can make you a new creation’ ….

as Christ the Friend whispers softly in tender love,

and says, ‘I believe in you’….

as the Enlivening Spirit wraps us in an embrace of hope,

and says, ‘I need you now’.

Living God, here is the place.

Here is the place where forgiveness is real,

and hope is ours & light shines again,

and the kingdom is a little clearer,

and the whole people can rejoice.

Here is the place, Living God,

and now is the day for courage to sustain us, for God is good.

Here is the place, Christ our Friend,

and now is the time for the people together

to know that they are the people of God.

Here is the place, Spirit of Hope,

and now is the moment

when your purpose & our commitment

gently or cataclysmically collide

and lives are changed, and worlds are turned upside down,

and fires of love take hold.



Spirit with us,

here is the place,

this is the day,

now is the Kingdom…..

Living God, here is the place.


Adapted from Tom Gordon



The French writer and philosopher, Voltaire, was right when he said that

There ought to be moments of tranquillity in great works.

It’s what Tennyson described in his poem Lucretius as

Divine Tranquillity, yearned after by the wisest of the wise …

The question for us, therefore, is this: Whatever great works we put our mind to, are we to be numbered among the wisest of the wise and yearn after such tranquillity? Prayer? Meditation? Mindfulness? Maybe … But for me, it’s often just about being still, like a boat on a calm sea, or a house perfectly reflected by a still shore. When we find it and give ourselves to it, tranquillity is enough of itself …




We Meet the World with a Heart at Rest 

The prayer of the heart is indeed the way to the purity of heart that gives us eyes to see the reality of our existence. This purity of heart allows us to see more clearly, not only our own needy, distorted, and anxious self but also the caring face of our compassionate God. When that vision remains clear and sharp, it will be possible to move into the midst of a tumultuous world with a heart at rest. It is this restful heart that will attract those who are groping to find their way through life. When we have found our rest in God we can do nothing other than minister. God’s rest will be visible wherever we go and to whomever we meet. And before we speak any words, the Spirit of God, praying in us, will make his presence known and gather people into a new body, the body of Christ himself.

by Henri Nouwen