Pray With Us

Dear All,


Over the last weeks I have often been struck by the psalms in our liturgies so that is where our focus is this week.  You can find psalms to match almost every human mood, to match every longing we have.  We have chosen three psalms – very difficult to make choices but we hope these reflect different moods – & also included some notes about the psalms & what they teach us about God.  It is well worth looking at many more psalms – what you have here is just a few examples.


We hope you have had a good week or found the help you needed if things haven’t been easy.  We will pray our blessing today for those among you who are having a bit of a struggle.  It is John Glynn’s ‘Song of Blessing’.


With our love & prayer


Information:  As we have already told you, we are going to give Saturday Reflections & zoomed Evening Prayer a rest for some weeks.  So today will be the last of the Reflections until September 10 September, & tomorrow, Sunday 31 July, will be the last zoomed Evening Prayer until Sunday 4 September.  Let’s hold each other in prayer in the meantime.



You are my God. I worship you.

In my heart, I long for you,

as I would long for a stream

in a scorching desert.

I have seen your power

and your glory

in the place of worship.

Your love means more

than life to me,

and I praise you.

As long as I live,

I will pray to you.

I will sing joyful praises

and be filled with excitement

like a guest at a banquet.

I think about you, God,

before I go to sleep,

and my thoughts turn to you

during the night.

You have helped me,

and I sing happy songs

in the shadow of your wings.

I stay close to you,

and your powerful arm

supports me.

Psalm 62 (63)




Save me, God!

I am about to drown.

I am sinking deep in the mud,

and my feet are slipping.

I am about to be swept under

by a mighty flood.

I am worn out from crying,

and my throat is dry.

I have waited for you

till my eyes are blurred.

But I pray to you, LORD.

So when the time is right,

answer me and help me

with your wonderful love.

Don’t let me sink in the mud,

but save me from my enemies

and from the deep water.

Don’t let me be

swept away by a flood

or drowned in the ocean

or swallowed by death.

Answer me, LORD!

You are kind and good.

Pay attention to me!

You are truly merciful.

Don’t turn away from me.

I am your servant,

and I am in trouble.

Please hurry and help!

Protect me, God,

and keep me safe!

I will praise the LORD God

with a song

and a thankful heart.

This will please the LORD

better than offering an ox

or a full-grown bull.

The LORD will listen

when the homeless cry out,

and he will never forget

his people in prison.

Heaven and earth

will praise our God,

and so will the oceans

and everything in them.

Extracts from Psalm 68 (69)




With all my heart
    I praise you, Lord.
In the presence of angels
    I sing your praises.
I worship at your holy temple
and praise you for your love
    and your faithfulness.
You were true to your word
and made yourself more famous
    than ever before.
When I asked for your help,
you answered my prayer
    and gave me courage.

All kings on this earth
have heard your promises, Lord,
    and they will praise you.
You are so famous
that they will sing about
    the things you have done.
Though you are above us all,
    you care for humble people,
and you keep a close watch
    on everyone who is proud.

I am surrounded by trouble,
but you protect me
    against my angry enemies.
With your own powerful arm
    you keep me safe.

 You, Lord, will always
treat me with kindness.
    Your love never fails.
You have made us what we are.
    Don’t give up on us now!

Psalm 137




The Psalms point us to the greatness of our God. “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable”

Ps 144.(145)

God’s greatness is beyond comprehension on our part.


God is good, kind, and caring. “But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness onto children’s children – Psalm 102 (103).

Many Psalms point to the mercy and kindness of God. God cares for his people and seeks the best for us. God’s heart is filled with loving kindness. God’s kindness and mercy endure forever.


God rescues the oppressed.

This attribute of God can never be overlooked – a God of justice for the oppressed. God cares for people and seeks to protect them.

For this reason, God is a God of judgment. To protect the oppressed, God must judge the oppressor.

Better to be the one oppressed than the one who takes advantage of others.


God is a God of the future. God is working in history on our behalf. We can count on our God.  A God of promises.  A God who keeps promises.


What do the Psalms teach?

They tell us the unchanging truth that God can be counted on. We can trust God.

Let us look to the God of our salvation. Let us trust God with our lives.