Dear All,

We are soon to move into May & hopefully enjoy longer evenings & the beginning of summertime.  We are moving apace through Eastertide & hope remains one of our constant themes.  One of my favourite post-Resurrection stories is found in John 21 – the disciples who have been out fishing all night finding Jesus cooking their breakfast on the shore of the lake – such a homely event.  Like the Emmaus story it is also about recognition – something relevant to us as we meet Christ in so many disguises – some very heavy disguises – each day.  Let’s be more attuned to this in the coming week.

For our blessing this week we will listen to ‘My Peace’ from Sacred Dance.  May it bring you & our world much peace.

With our love & prayer for you all & your families



‘’The Easter season, this joyous season for celebrating all that is blossoming and flourishing in our lives lasts for 50 days culminating in the celebration of the festival of Pentecost. This is meant to be a season of joy as we celebrate both the resurrection of Christ and the many ways in which the resurrected Christ makes life flourish both in our personal lives and in the world around us.”




When the storm has passed

and the roads are tamed

and we are the survivors

of a collective shipwreck.

With tearful heart

and our destiny blessed

we will feel joy

simply for being alive.

And we’ll give a hug

to the first stranger

and praise our good luck

that we kept a friend.

And then we’ll remember

all that we lost

and finally learn

everything we never learned.

And we’ll envy no-one

for all of us have suffered

and we’ll not be idle

but more compassionate.

We’ll value more what belongs to all

than what was earned.

We’ll be more generous

and much more committed.

We’ll understand how fragile

it is to be alive.

We’ll sweat empathy

for those still with us and those who are gone.

We’ll miss the old man

who asked for a buck in the market

whose name we never knew

who was always at your side.

And maybe the poor old man

was your God in disguise.

But you never asked his name

because you never had the time.

And all will become a miracle.

And all will be a legacy.

And we’ll respect the life,

the life we have gained.

When the storm passes

I ask you, Lord, in shame

that you return us better

as you once dreamed us.

Alexis Valdes



Meditation on John 21.1-14

Recognising the Blossoming Face of God


The awakening light all around us & our new awareness of the sacredness of creation reminds me of one of my favourite post-resurrection stories of Jesus & his disciples.  It is that well-loved story of the boys out fishing without any luck.  They were fishing at night.  As the light of dawn appears, a stranger on the shore quizzes them about their success in fishing.  The stranger is Jesus but they fail to recognise him.  When Jesus tells them where to cast the net and they experience the great catch, the beloved disciple, John, suddenly knows the identity of this stranger.  With joyful awareness he cries out, ‘It is the Lord’!  The story ends with Jesus inviting them to gather round a charcoal fire on the shore & have breakfast.  ‘Come & dine’ is his invitation.  It is significant that the disciples are out fishing at night.  The revelation comes at dawn, just as the light is returning.


This story reminds us of another unfolding revelation that is taking place in our world today.  All around us the glory of God is breaking through creation’s circle of life in the seasons of life each year.  Yet, there are many for whom this divine face in creation remains a stranger.


Throughout the world prophets and lovers of creation are crying out like the beloved disciple, ‘It is the Holy One’.  All this green!  All this growing! All this light!  It is the face of God blossoming through these branches. The Word of God is growing out of the land & shining from the skies.  ‘Come and eat; feast at the table of earth,’ these disciples keep inviting.


The creative spirit of our Divine Artist, does not grow weary.  Continually the voice invites, ‘Come and dine; feast at earth’s sacred table.  Behold the Blossoming Face of God!’

Joyce Rupp