Pray With Us

Dear All,

Sunday is the World Day for Grandparents & Older People.  We hope those of you receiving this who are not in that age group will not be offended by the focus of this week’s reflections but will find in them something to store away for the future!  For those of us who are ‘older’ we know that it is a challenging stage of life & hopefully you will find something here to take you forward with those challenges.

The blessing is ‘Let the Peace of the Father’ from Sacred Weave – we could perhaps pray it, not just for ourselves, but also for those estranged from their grandchildren & for those who long for grandchildren & have none.

Have a good week & with love


Advance Information:  We are going to give Saturday Reflections & zoomed Evening Prayer a rest for August, beginning again on Sunday 4th September.  So Saturday 30 July will be the last of the Reflections until September 10 September,. & Sunday 31 July will be the last zoomed Evening Prayer until Sunday 4 September.



Our earthly bodies become weary as we age, and you may also notice aches or pains. Take comfort in knowing the Lord shall renew your strength, according to Isaiah 40:31. “Then they’ll soar on wings like eagles; they’ll run and not grow weary; they’ll walk and not grow tired,”  – a comforting verse


My views are simple. Life is what you make of it. You can choose to be happy or sad. The half full/half empty glass theory. The same glass of water can be viewed as half full or half empty. Dying is a natural part of the life cycle. We are expected to live a life that is productive and then expire and make room for the next generations to come. The hardest part is growing old. That is why we may feel some regret and missed opportunities and not having the energy or the physical ability to accomplish what we may want to accomplish. There is nothing wrong with some introspection. There may even be some redemption possible.

Perfection does not exist in our world. No one has a perfect life. We try to make the best of it and celebrate our successes and apologize for our failings. The goal is to leave this world a better place than we found it.


Befriending My Ageing

Joyce Rupp

Companion of Life, Guardian of Death,
more and more I resemble an old, gnarled tree,
wrinkled bark, grey boughs, thinning leaves.
The ground around my roots is weakening.
My limbs bend and no longer stretch very far.

Grant me the ability to not be afraid,
even in the face of significant physical change.
Be a source of deepening hope
during my internal and external adjustment.
Keep me trusting in the deepest part of myself
where love and vitality are stored.

Teach me about true and everlasting beauty,
to compassionate my body in its growing frailty,
to love my mind and heart even as my life wanes,
to befriend the wrinkles and accept the greyness,
to be unthreatened by the depletion of my energy
and the waning of a memory that was once keenly alert.

Ancient One,
fill my heart with joy in the little gifts of life.
Let me find sources of comfort and serenity
in the midst of my aches and loss.
Be near, ever-vigilant Beloved,
as I experience the creaks and groans of my aging process.
Show me how to embrace this transition time,
as my soul ripens for its final journey home.


Beatitudes of an Older Person

Happy are they who look at me with kindness.

Happy are they who understand my weary step.

Happy are they who speak loudly to minimise my deafness.

Happy are they who grasp with warmth my shaking hands.

Happy are they who take an interest in my faraway youth.

Happy are they who don’t get tired of listening to my stories already too many times repeated.

Happy are they who understand my need for affection.

Happy are they who give me fragments of their time.

Happy are they who remember my loneliness.

Happy are they who draw near to me in my suffering.

Happy are they who give me happiness in this last stage of my life.

Happy are they who are near to me

in the moment of my meeting with God.

When I enter the life without end,

I will remember them in front of Christ Jesus,