Dear All,

November is a month where there is a focus on endings – on death, remembering, loss, & so on.  We have All Saints & All Souls Days, we have Remembrance Sunday & all that goes with that, annual Masses for the Dead; the end of the autumn reminding us of the imminent end of the year with the gradual loss of colour in the garden & the falling of the last leaves that have been so beautiful this year.  In the liturgy the readings in these weeks leading up to Advent are difficult: they speak of ‘the day that is coming’, of earthquakes & fearful sights & signs, ‘the time is near at hand’ & so on.  So today we have found a few reflections that focus on the end of our lives – we ‘know not the day or the hour’.  Perhaps Joyce Rupp’s mention of living each day the best we can is worth some thought since if we take it seriously it gives us some guarantee that we won’t be caught too unawares!  Additionally, we have put in one piece, ‘We wait’, that speaks of waiting for a death of someone close to them in case there is anyone amongst us who is in that situation.

Next week we will move on to Advent & into a new liturgical year.  In addition to these Saturday Reflections, on the four Sundays of Advent we will be reflecting together on zoom – do join us ……….

Meanwhile our blessing is John Glynn’s ‘Song of Blessing’.  Let’s thank God for all the good things this year has held for us as we pray it.

With our love & prayer



Death is a lonely Place.

death is a lonely place

where others cannot accompany you

even those of us that love you

can only come so far

and then look on

death is a lonely time

of remembering

when chance words & objects

bring back floods of memories

and tears

did I tell you I loved you?

did I ask for all the answers you knew

and give you enough of me?

death is a lonely space

of emptiness

where you were once a presence

a brightness in our lives

and we are trying to get used to

missing you soon

this death is only you

and however much we love you

and pray for & think of you

it is only you that can do it.


Liz Knowles



Beyond Doom & Gloom.


Lk 21.9. tells us ‘When you hear of wars and insurrections, do not be terrified’.


I rarely reflect on the ‘end times’ because I believe that whenever the ‘end’ does come, it is vital that I am living my life as well as I can right now.


I do think, however, that it is good to be reminded that our earthly life will, some day, come to an end.  When we pause to remember that we, too, are mortal, & that death could happen at any time, it puts our life into quick perspective.


Joyce Rupp



My Journey’s End.

No-one knows the precise instant

When death steals their last breath,

When the heart that beats steadily

Ceases its rhythmic functioning.

Whenever this moment arrives.

You will be ready to welcome us,

Your faithful love sweeping us away

Into another sphere of existence.

Your radiance intertwined with ours,

Assuring us that there is no need to fear.

Joyce Rupp




                    We Wait                      

In quiet & in sadness

we wait.

With questions & anger

we wait.

With friends & with family

we wait.

We wait & we cry ‘How long?’…

In the morning & the evening

we wait.

All the world goes on around us

we wait.

With an emptiness inside us

we wait.

We wait & we cry ‘How long?’…

With all who care & who love

we wait.

With our children & our neighbours

we wait.

With all who are sad & exhausted

we wait.

We wait & we cry ‘How long?’…

Ruth Burgess