Dear All,

We hope you have had a relaxed, good week – maybe one that was busy with family and friends or maybe a quiet but peaceful one.  The attachments are all Easter focused and we hope they will contribute to your on-going celebration of the feast.

Also, we are zooming two sessions on Sister Mary Stephen’s Stations of the Resurrection – The Way of Light –  on the next two Mondays – do join us.

Part 1 – Monday 17th April: 6.45pm

Part 2 – Monday 24th April: 6.45pm


  Meeting ID: 858 0930 3949                            Passcode: 261554


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Our blessing this weekend is ‘May the Mind of Jesus’ from ‘In Tune with Heaven’ – let’s pray it for ourselves but also for anyone known or unknown to us who is finding life difficult at the moment.

We are including information below which we hope may interest you.

Several people join us for Evening Prayer on Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays either regularly or from time to time & others would be very welcome.


Easter time:

For those who like to join us for Evening Prayer:

Beginning again on Sunday 15th April.


MONDAYS: Every week 5:30 pm

Meeting ID: 898 0531 7679             Passcode: 794480


THURSDAYS: Every week at 5:30 pm

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Wishing you well & with our love




An unknown Iowa pasture,

two black figures in the dawn,

one large, one very small,

so small as to almost not be seen,

hidden in the fresh folds

of unblemished April grass.

A mother cow gives birth,

leans down, nudges her child,

helps his wobbly legs to stand,

licks away the womb’s silk,

and offers the fullness of her udder.

Every day, somewhere,

a new creation.

I awaken to what is birthing in my being.


Joyce Rupp



The Trouble with Easter

When the light breaks in
at the break of dawn
things get broken.

My fear is shattered, anxiety demolished.
Death and suffering, those fine excuses,
stolen right out from under me.

A hard, crusty way of living, on the defence,
trying to stay one step ahead of loss,
all messed up now.

Into the shadows and their blind alleys
you come with your light, splitting the darkness
wide open.

You rise up out of the grave—sometimes
sneaky slowly, sometimes lurching—
and haul me out, like it or not,

robbed of old ways, that life
we have to leave behind, that safe, familiar life,
into this new, wild, free, scary one.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes



Psalm to Virgin Spring

Drawn upward by some hidden power,

life is cracking the crust of Earth

and bursting forth from limb and stem.

Your aroma, O Life-giver,

        is upon the springtime wind,

        and I feel its power

        stirring deep within me.

Green is your colour, O God,

        the green of new life

        that lovingly transfigures Earth’s dreariness,

        long held prisoner

        by the icy web of winter’s cold.

Green up my heart with hope

        in your perpetual promise of life.

Send forth from my soul

        new shoots, fresh buds

        eager to grow in your divine image.

May this year’s visit of virgin Spring

        make my heart a virgin once again

        intoxicated with wild love for you,

        whom I discover in all things

        and in everything.

Edward Hays



A Blessing of Hope

May you give your hope room to breathe and expand.

May your anticipated dreams find a voice and a home in your life.

May hope move freely through your heart,

gifting your spirit with enthusiasm and joy.

May you walk through spring storms with a strong sense of purpose,

undaunted by fear.

May you never lose confidence in your ability to grow.

May your hope stream outward to the world, dancing in far realms like a feather in an autumn breeze, bringing joy to all who need it.

Spring, energising Spring

Be our mentor of hope!

Spring, birth-mother of greening, cheer us on!

Macrina Wiederkehr