Dear All,

Hello again!  Good to be back with you.  We hope you have had a good August – away or at home.

We are starting again with a familiar theme: that of peace.  The gospel reading we will have tomorrow focusses on Jesus giving the disciples the mission of being his Messengers of Peace. (Lk 10).

The blessing is Rutter’s ‘Go Forth’.  May we all be messengers of peace for each other & for many others this coming week.  Let’s ask for that blessing.


Go forth into the world in peace;

Be of good courage, hold fast that which is good,

Render to no one evil for evil.

Go forth into the world in peace.

Strengthen the fainthearted,
Support the weak,
Help the afflicted,
Honour all persons.
Love and serve the Lord,
Rejoicing in the power of the Spirit,
And the blessing of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
be upon you and remain with you always. Amen.


With our love & prayer for you & your families



The Gift of Peace.      Anon.


God is not a ruthless ruler determined to force us into being fearless followers.  Rather this divine monarch rules our hearts with eternal tenderness & unconditional love.  In our soul-space we welcome divine peace forever available to us.  This accessibility generates a joy-filled spirit of gratitude no matter how lonely or sad we might feel. No matter how much divisiveness exists within our family, no matter how extensive the violence in our world, let us open wide & receive an Incarnate Love that knows no bounds.  For within this peace & love resides all we need for a life of harmony.  Nothing can rob our inner space of true serenity unless we allow it to be taken from us.



Quiet communion with the garden

revives the peace & tranquillity

that all too easily slip away from me.

The garden’s fragrances, colours, & shapes

comfort my inner weariness.

Its bounty feeds not only my body

but also my soul.

As I stoop, kneel, sit & stand

among the garden’s verdant vegetation,

I forget about the busy things

that seemed so important to me.

The garden becomes a sanctuary

of repose & promise,

a graced place that allows my body & spirit

room to breathe freshness.

Here in the garden I am reminded

of my communion with all that lives.

Joyce Rupp



A poem by Brian Wren

Say ‘no’ to peace,
if what they mean by peace
is the quiet misery of hunger,
the frozen stillness of fear,
the silence of broken spirits,
the unborn hopes of the oppressed.

Tell them that peace
is the shouting of children at play,
the babble of tongues set free,
the thunder of dancing feet,
and a father’s voice singing.

Say ‘no’ to peace,
if what they mean by peace
is a rampart of gleaming missiles,
the arming of distant wars,
money at ease in its castle,
and grateful poor at the gate.

Tell them that peace
is the hauling down of flags,
the forging of guns into ploughs,
the giving of the fields to the landless,
and hunger a fading dream.