Pray With Us

Dear All,

Good Friday: again there is no formal Evening Prayer – it is a very silent day & the afternoon service gives much to think about.  We are attaching an extract from our reflection (Zoom at 7pm – link below).  If you aren’t able to be with us we hope the extract & the music, (My Song is love unknown), will help your personal reflection through the day.

Tomorrow, Holy Saturday, there is Evening Prayer which we will send you & we will send some other reflective material as well.

Enjoy the quiet of the day.

With love



Time: Apr 2, 2021 07:00 PM London
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Good Friday:


We gather together this evening around the cross– friends – strangers – mourners – grieving for the loss of love in the world.
We are together because we seek to understand a fraction of what has just happened.
We are here because we want to be alongside all those who die on a cross.
And we keep silence.  We keep silence because words fail us. We keep silence as Christ kept silence on the cross.
We keep silence with all those being crucified today, with those who live in darkness; in pain; in despair. We keep silence with those who are scapegoats in our society today – people who seem different – on the edge.

We keep silence with those who have been robbed of a sense of dignity – who have been abused – violated. 

We keep silence with all those who mourn someone they have loved especially during these pandemic days.

We keep silence with those known to us today who live in darkness and find it hard to see beyond death, desolation, despair.

Amidst pain, oppression, suffering and death, God is silent. God is silent on the cross in the crucified.

And this silence is God’s word, God’s cry. In solidarity God speaks the language of love.

God of life and death; we wait in hope. God of all the worlds that are, we wait in hope.  God of dazzling darkness we wait in hope.

Nailed to a cross because you would not compromise on your convictions.

Nailed to a cross because you would not bow down before insolent might.

Laughed at, bullied, derided, spat upon;

I see Christ crucified still today; where the hungry cry for food; die for food.

Where people are yelled at; jeered at – because their skin isn’t white – isn’t right.

Where abuse and rape occur; when gay men are beaten up – where lust kills love.  I see him crucified still.


I see Christ crucified still today where wars scar people – lands – God’s hands; the endless killing politics of hate.

Where the cry for justice is unheard, oppressed, beaten down by cold world systems.

Where power comes first, where religion twists faith, where fear kills trust. I see him crucified still.

I see Christ crucified still today where creation is scarred and bleeds.  Where earth’s beauty is ravaged for gain

Where trees burn and water is poisoned – where greed kills need. I see him crucified still.

God forgive us for the inhumanity that brought Jesus to the cross and which still crucifies Christ in our day.