Pray With Us

We put ourselves in the presence of God as we listen to quiet music.




Leader:  In Jeremiah we read of your promise to restore us.

All:        We pray to allow ourselves to be restored.

Leader: We read also that God has plans for us, plans to give us a future & to give us hope.

All:        We pray for the grace to fall in with your plans.

Leader: Your words, God, that you will search for us & find us are consoling words.

All:        And so we pray in your name, with your son, Jesus, &

             with your spirit – Amen.


We will listen to or join in with Ubi Caritas – Heavenly Light Tr 7.



(Refrain) Ubi caritas et amor, ubi caritas et amor, ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.


The love of Jesus Christ has gathered us here as one,

The love of Jesus Christ has given us new life. (Refrain)

The love of Jesus Christ is here within our hearts,

The love of Jesus Christ is ever in our lives. (Refrain)


We will say a canticle for the autumn & its antiphon as indicated.


All:       Praise be to you, praise be to you for the colours of autumn.

             Praise be to you, praise be to you, creator of all fruitfulness.

Side 1: Thanks, thanks above all, thanks for the bright slanting sun,

for the quiet warmth of the afternoon, for the long clear horizons.

All:       Praise be to you!

Side 2: For the crisp curl of the leaves, for the astringent mornings,

for the gathering of the fruits.

All:      Praise be to you!

Side 1:For the misty drizzle, for the disintegration into dust, for

the letting go in trust.

All:      Praise be to you!

Side 2:For a time of remembrance, thanks, thanks above all.

All:     Praise be to you!


We will listen to or join in with Ps 138 (Christ, be our Light tr 5)

after saying the antiphon together.



All:  How wonderful is this knowledge of yours that you have

      shown me, Lord.

O Lord you search me & you know me, all my thoughts lie open

 to your gaze

When I walk or lie down you are before me, ever the maker &

keeper of my days.


You know my resting & my rising, you discern my purpose from


And with love everlasting you besiege me, in every moment of

 life or death you are.


Before a word is on my tongue, Lord, you have known its meaning

through & through,

You are with me beyond my understanding, God of my present,

my past & future too.


Although your spirit is upon me, still I search for shelter in your


There is no-where on earth I can escape you, even the darkness

is radiant in your sight.


For you created me & shaped me, gave me life within my

mother’s womb,

For the wonder of who I am I praise you, safe in your hands, all

creation is made new.


Reader: Margaret Silf from Roots & Wings.

When I think of webs, & weaving, I think of several things.  A web

reminds me of the deep underground network of life that supports

the trees I see around me.  The bit of the tree that I can see is only

a small part of the story.  The ‘visible’ me is held in being, nourished

& supported by a root network that stretches far back but the

‘visible’ me is only a small part of the story & that is true of each of

  1. Webs, whether they are a network of connections, with

people & with creation, that nourish & support us, or whether they

are networks of information through which our minds can

communicate, remind us of our interdependence.  No-one amongst us

is an island, & every single creature on earth depends for its own

existence on the existence of others.  The mystics of all faiths &

wisdom traditions have always taught us this foundational truth, &

native spiritualities continue to reflect it.  We all know we are part

of an inter-related & totally interdependent community of life but it

is good to remind ourselves of that lest we fall into the dangerous

delusion of self-sufficiency.


A period of silent reflection.


We will join in the Taize Magnificat. (Laudate Tr5).



Magnificat, Magnificat, Magnificat anima mea dominum.


Intercessions: We read the following for ourselves before moving

into intercession.

Cyprian & Cornelius were martyrs of the 3rd Century.  Their lives

brought them together largely because of difficulties.  Each

prioritised the unity of the Church at a time of division &

persecution.  They were good friends who sought to support &

encourage each other.  Both were martyred for their faith. Our

intercessions tonight will be spontaneous but may be inspired by

what we know of these two men or other texts we have had in this

time of prayer .  We will conclude with the prayer for the dead.


Reader:     We pray for people who have died today – for those who will die tonight – and for those whose anniversaries of death occur tomorrow, remembering especially:


Leader begins the Our Father….


Leader:    Lord God you gave St Cornelius & St Cyprian to your Church as faithful pastors & steadfast martyrs.  Strengthen our faith & our courage by their prayers, so that we may strive with all our power for the unity of the Church. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever.

All:       Amen.

Leader:    The sun shines on everything & reveals the

blessings of God.

All:       God blesses the depths of the abyss & the

           human heart with the secrets of God.

Leader:     God blesses the signs in the heavens with the

knowledge of God.

All:       God blesses the past & the future with the

           mystery of God.

Leader:    God blesses the marvellous works of creation

with the wisdom of God.

All:       God blesses the smallest spark of light with

           the beauty of God.

Leader:     God blesses all living things with the unity of


All:       God blesses the universe with the excellence of


Leader:    Who could ever weary of admiring God’s gifts.

All:       We ask for God’s blessing on each other & all

           who we hold dear, amen.